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Sony sends man its broken computers

The flipping cheek

Sony sends man its broken computers
21 September 2011

Your laptop breaks. That’s annoying enough, but when the company that’s supposed to be fixing it then starts sending other people’s broken laptops to your house for you to fix… well, that’s just plain bloody rude.

Joe Litwin was awaiting a box to return his broken Vaio to Sony, but instead started getting sent box after box containing knackered computers.

He’s had seven in all, seemingly, and is expecting another five. He’s also getting phonecalls from irate computer owners wanting to know if he’s fixed their laptops yet. Well, he hasn’t, so stop calling.

It appears that Sony started printing Litwin’s address details instead of their own on its customer returns labels.

As well as a few more broken computers, a free laptop and a grovelling apology is surely in the post…

(Image: Getty)

[via NBC4i]