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So, Dean Cain from 'The New Adventures Of Superman' is a real-life police officer now

Supercop, or something?

So, Dean Cain from 'The New Adventures Of Superman' is a real-life police officer now
22 June 2018

Where do you go after Superman? When you’ve played the most powerful man in the world for four years, what happens next? Well, you have to think: WWSSD? And what Steven Seagal would do, is become a reserve police officer, because why not? Why not do that?

So that’s exactly what Dean Cain (now aged 51) did. Yup, that’s right - the man who played Superman on Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman has been sworn in as a reserve police officer for Idaho’s St. Anthony Police Department.


What is a ‘reserve police officer’?

OK, we’ll be straight up - Dean Cain’s ‘reserve police officer’ role isn’t about to see him “walking the streets ALL DAMN DAY” or suddenly becoming crime bustin’ ‘Detective number 1’ (yet, anyway). A ‘Reserve Police Office’, also known as an auxiliary officer, is usually either a volunteer or paid worker (depending on their department) who performs law enforcement duties in their community. Similar we guess to the UK’s community officers - they have some power but you know, aren’t the ‘actual police’ and yet, they kind of are. 

In some departments these Reserve officers still wear the same uniforms as regular cops although they don’t carry weapons and their duties tend to cover things like: office work, traffic control, issuing subpoenas and warrants and community relations. 

To complete the training requirements for the position, ‘cadets’ must complete a certain numbers of hours working in the role. Meaning, it is quite likely that Dean Cain (Superman to you…) has quite likely been wandering around Idaho handing out parking tickets and stopping arguments in traffic jams, or telling kids not to bunk of school and sit in the park all day. Which is quite a thought. Imagine for a second, Superman himself, giving you a parking ticket. You would listen, that’s for sure.

Dean spoke to The Daily Caller ahead of the ceremony:

 “Real heroes don’t wear capes. Real superheroes wear uniforms and badges and stethoscopes,” he said. “Real superheroes are members of our military, law enforcement and first responders.”

Cain’s duties will include teaming up with another-actor turned reserve officer, Erik Estrada (CHiPs) to battle online predators and bullying for the ‘All About Kids’ initiative.

Here’s a video of Dean being sworn-in, if you like extremely frustrating videos of people holding their hands up at each other but never actually going in for the high-five:


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