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Snapchat just introduced a cool new feature with a seriously weird video

Take this as a warning

Snapchat just introduced a cool new feature with a seriously weird video
07 July 2016

Snapchat, your favourite fleeting video sharing platform, just got a new feature.

It's called 'Memories' - a neat way of saving and sharing snaps and stories from your account with the wider world.

When you're in the camera screen, you'll be able to swipe up and access the Memory section, which includes a neat search tool for finding that hilarious video of your dog you took last week.

However, Snapchat realises there might be some footage that you don't want other people to see. You know what we're talking about. Filth. Utter filth. Which it addressed in a very weird video to introduce the new feature. 

It starts with a super nice family scene

Aww, all the gang around the table for a lovely meal. Let's save this to the memory bank...

Hey parents, wanna see my snaps?

"What's that mum? You want to see what my trip to Hawaii with my boyfriend was like? Sure, why don't I just open that up for you..."

And then THIS happens

There you go, mum and dad. There's a video of some punk grabbing your daughter's arse, and apparently she "emoji heart eyes" loves it. 

Look at that dad's face. Look at it fill with a quiet rage. He knows what's up, and it's not the avocado dip. 

Laugh it off

"Hahaha! Silly me! Let's just put that in my private memory bank."

But the damage is done. The boyfriend knows how this is going to play out. No more romantic, fumble filled trips to Hawaii for you.

Dad is going to be acting as chaperone for you two from now on - and oh, would you look at that, he's just added you to his own Snapchat account to keep an eye on what you're sharing. 

Welcome to Snapchat Memories kid. It's your worse nightmare. 

But seriously... could be a really useful feature. But this video seems to be Snapchat's attempt at saying "Look, we know some of you use our features to send dirty pictures to your crush. Please, for the love of goodness, don't blame us if you accidentally share them in the new Memory feature."

Expect it to roll out in an update over the next month. You've been warned.