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Sleek Suede Adidas Stan Smith

Sleek Suede Adidas Stan Smith

Sleek Suede Adidas Stan Smith

We know. It's summer, which means it will rain, which means that fabrics like linen and suede aren't high on your list of things to clothe yourself in. But let's pretend for a moment that we live in a climate with a reliable weather system and a summer that lasts longer than a weekend.

In such conditions, these suede editions of adidas' iconic Stan Smith will creep to the top of your summer footwear list.

This isn't the first time the infamous tennis shoe (it's been around since 1963) found itself decked in suede, but such is the timeless quality of this 'trainer that will go with anything' (except a suit) that we welcome its return. Three models have been included in this most recent suede pack, with the namesake material covering every inch of the shoe's upper save a neat leather heel tab that holds the adidas Originals logo.

While the blue and red iterations are both fine colour selections, our top marks go to the mustard. Just be sure to keep them away from any puddles, mud and British summer that might stray into your path. Keep an eye on the adidas online store for news of release.

(Images: adidas)

[Via: Crooked Tongues]