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Sky reveals new TV update that's a dream for footie fans

Get closer to the live game than before - plus loads more updates.

Sky reveals new TV update that's a dream for footie fans
Marc Chacksfield
17 April 2024

Sky has revealed that it is bolstering its Sky Glass and Sky Stream services with a bunch of updates that will make your TV watching a whole lot more impressive.

For footie fans, there's a big update coming in May which will lower the latency between the live game and the 'live' game you see on the screen. The action will be some 20 seconds quicker from pitch to screen, which is incredibly impressive.

This will initially be coming to Sky Sports Live Event, when viewed on Sky Glass and Sky Stream, and will then roll out to other sports channels.

This feature will be available on Entertainment OS 1.3, alongside Auto Game Mode - which will automatically turn on when you plug in a game console. This is also about lowering latency and is said to "offer a more responsive gaming experience for casual players".

Sky Glass reveals new update that's a dream for footie fans
Image Credit: Sky

There's also the ability to add actors to your Playlist (so you can search for their movies quicker), subtitles coming to Ultra HD content and a couple more Sky Live games - Basketball Knockout, Tennis Smash: Racketville and a two-player version of Starri.

While all of the above is available this May, some update are available now. These include: tailored viewing recommendations; a cast and crew rail on Show Pages and new character avatars.

Voice search has been improved as well to make it easier to play your favourite music on your service of your choice, as well as the ability to fast forward and rewind by using your voice.

For more information, head to Sky's oficial site.