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Sergio Ramos just mercilessly destroyed Lionel Messi

Best in the world? Go fetch mate

Sergio Ramos just mercilessly destroyed Lionel Messi
17 August 2017

Sergio Ramos is known largely for three things in football:

  1. Scoring important, last-minute goals for Real Madrid and Spain.

  2. Getting sent off a lot (he currently has 22 career red cards).

  3. Being a bit of a twerp to the opposition.

Generally speaking, if it’s a big game, Ramos is going to do one of those three things. So when Barcelona rolled into town on Wednesday night for the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup, it became a case of what Ramos fancied.

The match itself was fairly perfunctory for Real Madrid: already 3-1 up from the first leg, Madrid marched to a 2-0 win in the second, thanks to superb goals from Karim Benzema and Marco Asensio. It was all very ‘Changing of the Guards’, with many commentators saying the game marked the definitive end of the era of Barcelona and the start of a period of Real Madrid dominance.

So with no need to get a late goal, it was up to Ramos to decide whether he wanted to get sent off or be a bit of a twerp. He chose the second option, making Lionel Messi look like an absolute fool late in the first half.

In the 38th minute, Barcelona had won themselves a free kick. Messi, eager to restart the game, ran over to Sergio Ramos to ask for the football back. Ramos, being Ramos, decided to mug him off. 

"What did I tell you about playing football round here?"

"Go get your sodding shinebox."

We'll leave you to figure out what Messi said in response, but rest assured it wasn't friendly.

Ah well Messi mate, at least you won the game in the---. Well at least you’re the current La Liga champi---. But still, you are the current Champions League hol---. Never mind, we’re sure you and Neymar will team up this seaso---.


Well this is awkward.

(Images: Rex)