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Sell your unwanted gifts on eBay

Someone somewhere will want that hideous scarf

Sell your unwanted gifts on eBay
09 January 2012

Own presents you weren’t keen on but guilt preventing you from asking for the receipt? Patrick Munden, European head of sellers’ communications at eBay, provides four top flogging tips.

1. TIMING IS EVERYTHING “Generally the busiest time on the site is Sunday evening, so time your list to end then.”

2. PICTURE IT WELL “Ensure the photo is clear, in good light and shows the item as true-to-life as possible with defects displayed. You can include up to 12 pictures for free.”

3. CHOOSE THE RIGHT TYPE OF SALE “Around 56 per cent of items sold are at a fixed ‘Buy It Now’ price, as an increasing number of shoppers want an instantaneous purchase. On the other hand, many shoppers still enjoy the thrill of the auction, and it’s free to list under 99p.”

4. SELL ON-THE-MOVE “The eBay app allows you to buy and sell on the move. Sellers can quickly research sale trends and make sales from virtually anywhere. For items with a barcode, you can scan the item to instantly import details, even photos, into your listing.”