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Secret Life Of Heroes Pop Art

Secret Life Of Heroes Pop Art

Secret Life Of Heroes Pop Art

Ever wondered what happens to the heroes when the credits roll? Or when the happily ever after wears thin? No, we're not pitching for the latest whimsical animated Christmas adventure - we're just stoking your anticipation for the excellent pop art series of one Grégoire Guillemin.

Describing himself as an 'Eclectic Graphical Gamer', the French artist fuses vintage 1930s prints with Lichtenstein pop art to create some charmingly geeky works. His series The Secret Life of Heroes goes behind the masks of comic book icons and cartoon greats to ponder what they get up to when the world's been saved and entertained for the day.

From holidaying Sith lords to curious Kermits, you can see some of our favourites from the series below - with the full (and NSFW) works over on Guillemin's main sight. Head to his online store to pick up prints

(Images: Grégoire Guillemin)

[Via: io9]