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Secret Invasion reactions revealed - what the critics are saying

Is this Marvel's Andor? Some critics seems to think so...

Secret Invasion reactions revealed - what the critics are saying
Andrew Williams
14 June 2023

Early critical responses to the first two episodes of Secret Invasion are in, and it sounds like we could be in for one of the best Marvel TV shows to date.

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the release of Marvel’s Secret Invasion TV show, as it makers claim the series will be something a little different to the Disney Plus TV show norm. A stack of film critics, entertainment writers and content creators have been shown the first couple of episodes as part of a launch event that took place on June 13.

The vibe of the show was always going to be separated from classic Marvel, as Secret Invasion centres around Nick Fury, and is intended to be more of an espionage thriller than a superhero joint.

Here are some of the more positive reactions posted up on Twitter in the last few hours:

As promised, it sounds like Secret Invasion will be darker than the usual Marvel fare, laced with paranoia from a character much more vulnerable than the leads of other shows.

However, not all the responses were entirely positive. Here are a couple of the more mixed reactions:

We’re accustomed to seeing these early social media reactions significantly glowed-up from what the critical response ends up being. But perhaps we’re just hearing from a more grounded bunch of entertainment writers this time around. Secret Invasion is, after all, going to hit Disney Plus in just a week’s time on June 21.

The show sees Nick Fury team up with a bunch of Skrulls in order to stop a wider Skrull invasion of the Earth. There are just six episodes in Secret Invasion, meaning these early impressions are based on the first third of the show only. It's all still to play for.