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Scrooge McDuck's money swim calculated

Take a deep breath

Scrooge McDuck's money swim calculated

Despite the logistical issues with Scrooge McDuck's money swim (as brutally explored in Family Guy), it's still pretty much "the dream" for anyone who likes loads and loads of cash.

So, if like us, you've wanted to actually recreate his vault, those smart guys at The Billfold have been using their combined brains to figure out how you'd do it.

They looked at all available pictorial evidence and worked out the average height of a duck, compared to the piles of gold coins. Since Scrooge McDuck was also drawn in 1947, they had to be prepared for inflation.

So, drum roll please, eventually they figured out that his vault contains $31.2 billion (£19.3 billion). This, depressingly, means that there are only six people in the world who would be able to accurately recreate the legendary money swim and no, sorry, you're not one of them.