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Sandman spin-off show heading to Netflix - and soon

Dead Boy Detectives is coming to Netflix next month

Sandman spin-off show heading to Netflix - and soon
Andrew Williams
22 March 2024

We have good news. Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is getting a spin-off show on Netflix in April.

Dead Boy Detectives will arrive on Netflix on April 25, and features Edwin George Rexstrew and Jayden Revri as the two detective leads, Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland.

Not familiar with these characters? They are the ghosts two people who died as children, and they solve crimes featuring other ghosts and demons.

These characters first appeared in the Sandman comics (in issue 25) but the TV show hasn’t got that far yet, its second season only having been announced after this show came to light back in 2021.

Dead Boy Detectives hasn’t had the smoothest road to screens. It was originally going to be an HBO Max show. News on the series went a bit quiet for a while, and in February 2023 we heard it was moving to Netflix.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the vision for the show didn’t match with James Gunn’s plans for the renewed DC universe.

In 2023 Neil Gaiman tweeted suggestions that the Sandman show and Dead Boy Detectives were part of the same televisual universe. But it looks like Gaiman himself has had less involvement in this latest spin-off.

He was listed as an executive producer and writer for The Sandman, but is only credited for creating the original characters for Dead Boy Detectives, per the show’s IMDb credits.

Here’s the Dead Boy Detectives trailer, released a few months back:

Many fans commented on that trailer, predicting Netflix will cancel the show, as it did with Lockwood & Co, which bears similarities with Dead Boy Detectives. That show was canned after just one season.

There was even speculation The Sandman might not make it to season 2, sparked by tweets from Gaiman itself. If you don’t want to see Dead Boy Detective disappear, set an alarm for April 25 and get watching at its release.