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This $1m apartment in San Francisco is perfect - apart from one very unusual feature

Can't wait to live here! Oh wait...

This $1m apartment in San Francisco is perfect - apart from one very unusual feature
27 July 2018

Buying a house - if you can afford it - is probably quite fun. A bit exciting, looking for houses, thinking of places to live - all very heartwarming and lovely. That is, unless you find the perfect place to buy and it’s all great, apart from one thing. Like, it’s spacious, modern, great location, affordable, it’s got a massive socking metal beam shot straight through the damn middle of it; that kind of thing.

Because that’s exactly what this idyllic flat in San Fransisco has. Its listing was discovered by Twitter user @waxpancake, and it shows the flat, which contains possibly the world’s most annoying feature:


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The post predictably picked up steam, and through the miracle of the internet, some previous tenants got in contact:

And it goes deeper still:

Unfortunately, due to that GDPR “thing”, the website is unavailable to us lowly UK users, so the mystery will have to stay as exactly that: a mystery. Why is the beam there? What is the beam? Is the beam from a spaceship? Are aliens real? What do aliens do when they abduct you? Are they actually nice?

All these questions and more remain unanswered. Unless you buy the place, of course. Maybe you should buy it and email us your suggestions. Yeah, do that. Buy the house, email us and we’ll update this article. Cheers!

(Image: Getty)