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Samsung will bring us bendy phones by 2017

Bend it, shape it, anyway you want it

Samsung will bring us bendy phones by 2017
07 June 2016

Three years ago, Samsung gave us the marketing equivalent of a big, flirty wink.

During a keynote speech at the CES tech conference, they teased a flexible screen concept they were working on. It looked something like this...


But when will we receive these wondrous, bendy devices? 

Next year, apparently. 

Bloomberg has word from an anonymous source familiar with the new Samsung line up that two malleable smartphones will arrive in 2017. 

One will be able to fold in half in a clam-like manner (like the above trailer), allowing users to switch between a smaller portable screen and a larger tablet screen. A second device will incorporate a rolling display (sort of like the above trailer): in its rolled form, users will have a five-inch smartphone, which can be unfurled into an eight-inch screen, again like a tablet.

Both phones will use Samsung's impressive organic light-emitting diode displays, which are already incorporated into the curved screens of their current Edge smartphones.

With Apple expected to release a vastly overhauled new iPhone in 2017 to reinvigorate falling sales, it would appear that Samsung is looking match their American rival's refreshed offering in an increasingly crowded smartphone market. 

So long as they've got decent battery lives, we're happy.