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'Rape, murder and more' allowed in new Russian reality show

FINALLY a return to classic Saturday night television

'Rape, murder and more' allowed in new Russian reality show

A Russian millionaire and his producers have seen The Hunger Games and gone: yeah, go on then. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are in a race to the bottom.

According to the Guardian, “Game2: Winter will strand 30 contestants in the -40C Siberian wilderness for nine months with the surviving winner receiving a $1.6m prize. It will stream 24/7 online” and crimes are “allowed”. 

“Each contestant gives consent that they could be maimed, even killed,” reads an advert. “2000 cameras, 900 hectares and 30 lives. Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything.” EVEN SMOKING! 

Remember Fear Factor? People would stand in a warehouse and eat bugs and jump off buildings and get waterboarded and have to meet Johnny Knoxville for a chance to win big bucks. It was great. Don’t know why that’s not on anymore. Anyway, this sounds like Fear Factor times fifty.

Game2: Winter is the brainchild of dead-eyed entrepreneur Yevgeny Pyatkovsky and will be broadcast 24/7 to bloodthirsty fans of anarchy and human atrocity as contestants – who, so says the casting call, must be 18 and “mentally sane” – do mad shit in the snowy wilds for the chance to win £1.3million. Acoording to sixty people have already applied, including one American.

While the show might turn a blind eye to the crimes on screen, the police, funnily enough, will not. “You must understand that the police will come and take you away,” the rules state. “We are on the territory of Russia, and obey the laws of the Russian Federation.”

It’s bananas: the premise, the shoddy website, the artwork that looks very much like someone’s twelve-year-old has knocked it up in five minutes. If this show ever happens, we’ll be very surprised and watch the hell out of it.