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Rihanna was the absolute MVP at the first game of the NBA finals

She stole the show

Rihanna was the absolute MVP at the first game of the NBA finals

The NBA Finals got underway this week as the Cleveland “We have the best player in the world” Cavaliers got blown out by the Golden State “Lol we have three of the next best” Warriors.

What promised to be an intriguing match up of unstoppable force v immovable object eventually petered out to a rudimentary 113-91 victory for the Warriors as Steph Curry did that thing where even computer games can’t figure out why he’s good, and Kevin Durant got so scary attacking the basket, the Cavaliers just sort of gave up defending him.

So with the on-court action lacking, it fell to a bench player to pick up the slack and give us the spectacle we all needed.

And when it comes to spectacle, there are few better in the world than one Ms. Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

The singer was courtside for the first game of the finals at the Oracle Center and put in a fan performance for the ages.

^ That ^ dear reader, is the stunned reaction of one Jeff Van Gundy, legendary basketball commentator, completely forgetting to do colour comms on a stunning Lebron James dunk because Rihanna walked in the room. Fair enough, tbh.

A noted Lebron James fan, Rihanna spent the rest of the game being the Cavaliers’ sixth man, doing her best to inspire her team..

Things got so good that when GSW’s Kevin Durant went for a free throw, Rihanna did her best to put the superstar off, screaming “BRIIIIIICK” before each shot.

How important was Rihanna to game one of the NBA Finals? So important that NBA Commissioner Adam Silver helped escort her out of the building after the game…

And Kevin Durant was asked to respond to her heckles in the post match interviews.

Ladies and gentleman, Rihanna is currently front-runner for finals MVP.