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Ridiculous yet cool trends you never thought you’d wear

From cowboy shirts to Birkenstocks with trousers, these are the once laughable looks you should be wearing

Ridiculous yet cool trends you never thought you’d wear

Once upon a time you thought you'd never wear skinny jeans. Now look at you, cutting off circulation to your body in the coolest way possible in the tightest denim around.

Sometimes you need other people to test the water before you dive into a daring trend (like last year's capes that made you look like a crap Batman). So if you're searching for the big new looks that have been tried and tested, here are the styles seeping into the mainstream.

Birkenstocks with trousers and socks

What was once reserved as a cliched look for tourists and eighties teen movie geeks is now a big look on and off the catwalk. And not only do they look good, Birks also follow the shape of your feet to offer support and better movement.

Get your feet into a pair here

Cowboy shirts

No tobacco chewing or line dancing necessary. Forget the vintage shop fins that are covered with cheesy embroidery, as modern Western inspired shirts are the perfect way to liven up a pair of jeans

Lasso yourself one over at Mr Porter


If you're tired of the full beard trend, give your neck and chin a breath of fresh air and opt for a moustache instead. Male model and king of facial hair Ricki Hall has just had the snip (not like that), so maybe it's time to make the change.

Boiler suits

If you've ever looked at a mechanic and thought, "wow, he has swag", then you're in luck, as boiler suits have now become a streetwear statement and not just a uniform for servicing cars.

Get to work with Topman

Short shorts

These eighties sportswear staple are the closest to comfort you'll get on holiday without taking to a nudist beach. But if you're of a certain age, make sure nothing falls out when you sit down...

Who likes short shorts? You do!

Silk pyjama shirts

If you ever aspired to be like Hugh Hefner (minus the womanizing creepiness) then this is your first step to achieving it. Silk pyjama style shirts are now acceptable to be worn outside the house, as Ryan Gosling proved at Cannes Film Festival.

Get ready for bed with Topman

Cropped trousers

Back in the days of school you'd have probably shouted "is the tide coming in?" at kids with short trousers, but nowadays they're the perfect formalwear choice for summer events.

Cut the crop with River Island


Pink comes and goes as a trend, but it's been massive over the last few months and looks like it's here to stay as a credible colour. If you're not wanting to make a bid deal out of wearing pink, then start off easy with a pair of Asics in a washed out rose gold.

Real men wear pink