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This man has written 'The Brexit Song' and Oh My Sweet God I'm dying

It's actually really catchy

This man has written 'The Brexit Song' and Oh My Sweet God I'm dying
26 September 2017

Brexit is happening, everyone, and it’s probably not a good thing, right? Bit depressing, when you think about it, so let’s cheer ourselves up with a one of those lovely ‘internet videos’. In today’s case, it’s an ‘internet video’ from a charming young man called Peter Parsons, who decided to get in front of a camera to fully do justice to his wonderful new single: ‘The Brexit Song (We’ll Be Strong)’.

If you’re a fan of green screens, song lyrics that resolutely do not rhyme, and filler, oh so much filler, then you better pop those headphones on, Wayne, and prepare yourself for a tune of epic proportions.

Over to you, Peter:

Absorb those lyrics:

“So what do we want? A great deal, from Michel Barnier. What do we need? A great deal, from David Davis. What do we want? No junk(er), from Juncker!”

That’s mint, that is. You certainly don’t want to snooze on this absolute banger, so wrap your listening gear round its chops, stat.

And, erm, can I be honest with everyone here for a sec? Actual, genuine, top-quality chorus, right? Anyone? RIGHT?


Either way, in case you were desperately wondering whether Peter has any more hits up his sleeve? Oh yes  hecertainly has. Enjoy!