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Ricky Gervais unveils David Brent Life On The Road title track

"It's just a pitch & then I'm off to Ipswich"

Ricky Gervais unveils David Brent Life On The Road title track

We've been celebrating it here on but Ricky Gervais himself gave Office fans everywhere a present on the 15th anniversary of the show on Saturday by revealing the title track from the forthcoming David Brent movie Life On The Road.

Of course, we've heard it before, chiefly during David Brent's guitar lesson series, but it's a joy to hear the full band version, with more than a few echoes of early Oasis in there.

The track will be available as a double A-side 7" single along with Lady Gypsy, which debuted earlier this month.

Already the track is proving a hit with commuters:

Gervais has previously said of the album, "Even though the songs are funny in context, they’re not comedy songs as such. David Brent doesn’t think they’re funny. He thinks they’re important. And actually they’re not terrible songs. And they’re insanely catchy."

The debut David Brent & Foregone Conclusion album will be released on 19 August, the same day as the movie, with the following tracklisting:

1. Ooh La La
2. Native American
3. Lonely Cowboy
4. Free Love Freeway
5. Life On The Road
6. Slough
7. Thank Fuck It’s Friday
8. Lady Gypsy
9. Please Don’t Make Fun Of The Disableds
10. Paris Nights
11. Don’t Cry It’s Christmas
12. Spaceman
13. Equality Street
14. Aint No Trouble
15. Electricity

We cannot wait.