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Rick and Morty search for the meaning of life in newly released video

Unsurprisingly, it's pretty deep

Rick and Morty search for the meaning of life in newly released video

As we’ve mentioned before, Rick and Morty might just be the best cartoon in decades.

Hilarious, deep and utterly mind bending, there are few things on television right now that are able to make you laugh…. Before also making you ponder you own existence in the shower for a good half an hour.

So it’s no surprise the show’s co-creator Dan Harmon is also full of hilarious and bizarre musings on life, the universe and everything.

In a new Adult Swim video to distract us from promote the delayed Rick and Morty season three, Dan reflects on the "heavy theme of creator and createe" in the show. It turns out mad scientist Rick lives to be "the seam between God and man", while Morty, Jerry and the rest of us are… people flailing about trying to find meaning in anything?

It’s a pretty heavy video, picking up a lot of plot strings from the previous two and a bit seasons of television. But before things just a bit too unbearably nihilistic, Dan patches us back together. “Once you get through that terrifying moment, every place is the centre of the universe, every moment is the most important moment and everything is the meaning of life."

So there you have it. The Rick and Morty take on the meaning of life. What a lovely slice of existential dread to start your week off with…

And if you’ve never watched Ricky and Morty before, we heartily recommend you fix that sharpish. The first two seasons are available for streaming now on UK Netflix.