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Reebok D-Time Pump Returns

Reebok D-Time Pump Returns

Reebok D-Time Pump Returns
20 October 2014

You've not heard of Dee Brown? You have no idea what the "No Look Dunk" is? Well before we talk about the return of an NBA legend's signature shoe, you best give yourself a brief history lesson with the following video. 

A master of the court, with one of the most iconic winning shots of a Slam Dunk Contest, Brown's legendary Pumps are set for a reissue with a striking tribute to the great sportsman's roots. 

The Reebok D-Time "Jacksonville" Pumps draws on Brown's amateur career, incorporating the teal and blue colours of his Florida-based school teams - The Bolles School Bulldogs (High School) and Jacksonville Dolphins (College). The iconic Pump tab and a heel-mounted orange silhouette both nod to Brown's own humorous exploits in pumping his Omni Pumps before pulling off his spectacular blind dunk. 

Set to go on sale on 25 October, we cannot guarantee that buying a pair of D-Times will allow you to pull off superhuman basketball skills. Don't come crying to us if you bust your wrist on a backboard. 

[Via: Culture Kings]