Redditor can't break the truth to his nan about her 'decorative rock'

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Nick Pope

Grandparents’ homes are usually bursting at the seams with useless tit-tat accumulated over centuries of patient/lazy hoarding.

But there are usually one or two items that they cherish more than any other.  For example: Reddit user Vociverus yesterday uploaded this picture of his grandmother’s favourite “decorative rock”, which she has placed in her house for eight years.

Except it isn't a "decorative rock".

It’s actually an old, dried-out jawbreaker.

The Redditor didn’t have the heart to tell his nan about the discovery, and instead decided to make her a laughing stock on the biggest public forum on Earth, like any loving grandson would.

Two questions: How has she not been carried out of her house by hordes of ants by now? And more importantly, where can we get one? Because that jaw breaker is decorative as hell.


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