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Reacher is no longer Prime Video's number one show thanks to viral hit

New drama is gaining lots of attention.

Reacher is no longer Prime Video's number one show thanks to viral hit
Marc Chacksfield
01 February 2024

Reacher has spent the most of December and January topping the Amazon Prime Video TV charts but there is a new number one show globally which has taken the top spot.

Released December 15, Reacher's second season was eight episodes long with the last episode dropping 19 January.

While it has clung on to the top spot for two more weeks since the season ended, another show has been gaining traction, thanks to its K-Pop references and key moments going viral online.

Reacher no longer Prime Video's number one show thanks to viral hit
Image Credit: Prime Video

The show is Marry My Husband, a K-Drama that's based on the web novel by Seong So-jak. The show focuses on Kang Ji-won (Park Min-Young) who witnesses her best friend and her husband having an affair. The kicker: she is murdered by them and goes back in time to change her future and seek revenge.

As plots go, it's a good one but it's not just the twisty time-travel storyline that has viewers gripped but the references to K-Pop supergroup BTS which have become vital plot point twists - as its X/Twitter hashtag proves.

According to FlixPatrol, Marry My Husband has been gaining prominence in recent weeks, finally hitting the top spot globally this week.

While the UK and US need to catch up with the show, where it's in third place, the rest of the world are gripped.

South Korea has always been a dominating force in the entertainment world. Right now, apocalyptic zombie drama Badland Hunters is the number-one movie on Netflix and the likes of Squid Game and All Of Us Are Dead are in Netflix's non-English top 10 of all time.

Amazon hasn't been that into K-Drama but recently we have seen a spate of K-Drama shows on the streamer, including The Killing Vote, Payback and Heartbeat.