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This rare £1 coin is selling for big money on eBay - here's how to spot it

You might have as fortune in your pocket

This rare £1 coin is selling for big money on eBay - here's how to spot it
Tom Victor
01 February 2018

It’s February, and you’ve used payday to help deal with all the money you’ve found yourself owing people over the course of the longest January in living memory (honestly, five Mondays?), so any unlikely source of cash is already welcome.

While we’re not at the scrambling in your pockets stage just yet, perhaps you would be doing just that if you knew the shrapnel in there could be worth a fair whack.

We’ve previously brought you news of rare £2 coins that could be worth a lot more than that in the future, but the ones you really want to get your hands on are lower-denomination bad-boys with errors.

A few of these emerged last year, but now there’s a new kid on the block.

Check your change carefully

The folks over at Change Checker, whose entire thing is spotting rare or error-strewn coins and alerting us to their existence, have spotted one which isn’t only weird, but a different kind of weird to what we’d seen before.

It looks like a hybrid of the old round pound coin – which was discontinued last year – and the new 12-sided variant. The rarity is thought to be caused by a minting error.

While they’re yet to receive confirmation that the coins are genuine, there have been multiple sightings, with one selling on eBay for more than £200.

Unintentionally rare coins, predominantly those with errors like these, can often fetch thousands of times their normal value.

This super-rare £2 coin was thought to be worth up to four figures, while these 50p pieces were worth a decent amount too.

Time to rummage around down the back of your sofa, in the corner of your wallet… wherever, really.

(Images: Pixabay/iStock)