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If you have any of these limited edition 50p coins, then you could be rich...


If you have any of these limited edition 50p coins, then you could be rich...

So, the humble 50p – only two of them needed to make a quid. Definitely one of the most fun coins, even if the new £1 has come along to try and steal some of its lots-of-sides-having glory. It’s the biggest British coins, which means there’s lots of space on the back for funky limited editions designs, and that’s what we’re interested in today.

It turns out that some of these rarer coins are actually worth a damn sight more than 50p. So even though it literally says 50 PENCE on the coin, it could actually be worth up to £185, which is the same as 370 50ps, which is also what I would immediately buy with the money.

Obviously, the reason you’re here is not to listen to me drone on about nothing, it’s to find out which coins are gonna plop you firmly in the money. So, let’s go – according to the experts at ChangeChecker, here are the top 10 most expensive 50p pieces:

Kew Gardens 50p

If you’re lucky enough to be harbouring one of these bad boys, then you could be looking down the eye of £185, which is ridiculous. Stupid, in fact. Make sure it’s in mint condition though – if it’s got scratches or scuffs or a big bit of Hubba Bubba stuck on it, then you’ll be looking more towards £30.

Football Olympic 50p

This one has the offside rule explained on the back for all those people that don’t understand it. However, I would bet a rare 50p that if you don’t understand it, the picture on this coin will in no way help you to rectify that. Anyway, you’re looking at potentially £45 if you can find the right buyer.

Triathlon Olympic 50p

There are only 2,179,000 of these dudes in circulation, and you’d be in the realm of £30 for a mint one. Drop it down to about £7 for a scuffed one.

Judo Olympic 50p

There is someone on eBay selling one of these for £109.99, which seems a little optimistic – in actuality, you’re looking at a similar price to the one above.

Wrestling Olympic 50p


Jemima Puddle-Duck 50p

Click this link. IT COULD BE YOU.

Squirrel Nutkin 50p

Look, all of these coins will get you more than 50p – there’s no point in me giving you a vague amount, because it completely depends on who’s buying. So here is the rest of the top 10 sans estimates:

Tennis Olympic 50p

Goalball Olympic 50p

Handball Olympic 50p

And here’s ChangeChecker’s full list of rare 50p coins:

Some of them might even be worth a quid!

(Images: ChangeChecker/Coin Database)