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QUIZ: Could you win the jackpot on HQ Trivia?

It's much harder than it seems

QUIZ: Could you win the jackpot on HQ Trivia?
Tom Victor
13 March 2018

If you’ve ever seen your colleagues mysteriously go quiet at around 3pm on a weekday, HQ Trivia might have something to do with it.

The free quiz app regularly draws hundreds of thousands of players in the United States, handing out prizes as high as $25,000, and had been growing its audience in the UK since launching this year with Sharon Carpenter as host.

Its premise is simple – answer 12 multiple-choice questions of increasing difficulty (with a choice of three possible answers for each) and you’ll claim the top prize.

Anyone who makes it to the end will get a share of the prize, and if there’s only one winner then they’ll get it all to themselves.

You’re probably reading this and thinking ‘that sounds easy’, but it’s anything but.

The number of winners is regularly in single-figures on the UK version, with many crumbling under strict time pressure.

We’re going to make it a little easier for you. There will be no countdown on this quiz, but you do still have to answer 12 questions which appeared in actual versions of the quiz.

Can you go all the way?

(Images: HQ Trivia/Getty/Rex)