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This incredibly popular quiz app with real cash prizes has finally launched in the UK

It's free to play, with real money at stake for the winners

This incredibly popular quiz app with real cash prizes has finally launched in the UK
Tom Victor
09 January 2018

You’ve all got that one mate who fancies themselves every time there’s a pub quiz at the local, talking over everyone and vetoing answers from their teammates.

If you think ‘I don’t’, then that person is probably you. But you could put that brash self-confidence to use - once you’ve tried your hand at the toughest ShortList quizzes, of course.

HQ Trivia is one of the United States’ most popular real-money quiz apps, with a human host and regular games offering cash prizes which have reached the thousands.

But now there’s a British version, which should make it much easier for players in the UK to compete for the top prizes.

Unlike the original version, HQ Trivia’s UK game includes questions specific to this country – that means you don’t need to swot up on American politics or sport to get by.

It is hosted by Sharon Carpenter, who has worked as a presenter for BET and the BBC, with TheNextWeb reporting that the British quiz runs on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3pm and 9pm – much better than the UK-unfriendly 2am starts we’ve been known to see on the worldwide equivalent.

The quiz format sees contestants given 12 multiple choice questions of increasing difficulty. You have to pick their answer inside 10 seconds, and you win the top prize – or a share of that prize – if you get all 12 right first time.

Players can also earn extra lives by referring a friend. These give you a safety net of one wrong answer, but can only be used once per game.

The first edition of the quiz took place this week, but not a single player took down the first prize.

Around 5,000 players took part and just 20 made it as far as the 11th question of 12, where none of them were able to identify which of three Facebook acquisitions came first.

However the second game proved more manageable, with four players sharing the top prize.

The first UK quiz had a prize pool of $500 (£370), but worldwide games have previously offered substantially higher jackpots.

Any money you win above $20 can be turned into real cash via PayPal, and you’re more likely to win a bigger chunk of the jackpot while only a few thousand people are playing.

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(Images: HQ Trivia/Pixabay/Twitter)