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Puma's Handsome Handcrafted Pack

Puma's Handsome Handcrafted Pack

Puma's Handsome Handcrafted Pack

Suede. A Brit-pop bunch who once warbled out She’s In Fashion, and also a material which, ironically, never seems to go out of fashion.

And as you may already be acutely aware, it's a material which remains criminally underused in men’s fashion; particularly when it comes to casual footwear.

However, helping to change all that comes Puma, with the release of its premium ‘handcrafted’ pack featuring the three silhouettes Slipstream, XS500 and, of course, Suede.

While the first two are crafted in Italy from coloured calfskin among other distinguished materials, the Suede, confusingly, is fabricated in North American leather yet refined in Japan, where it’s also finished with an angora rabbit-like finish.

So don't worry, no rabbits were harmed during the making of these trainers. But we’d hopping mad if we didn’t get a pair.

The Puma Handcrafted Pack is out in select Puma stores now