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Prime Video's hit superhero show gets new trailer

Robert Kirkman's superhero epic is returning to finish off its second season

Prime Video's hit superhero show gets new trailer
Andrew Williams
16 February 2024

What’s the best superhero show of the moment? According to some it’s not a Marvel series or even The Boys, but the animated show Invincible, which is about to get new episodes.

Part two of the second season of Invincible will hit Prime Video on March 14.

For those who have lost track of time, the first four episodes of the highly regarded series were released in November 2023. In the currently trendy streamer fashion, Invincible season 2 gets two big launch dates, two chances to catch the public’s attention.

It deserves to too. Invincible season 2 currently has a 100% Rotten Tomatoes ranking, pipping the 98% of 2001’s first season, after The Hollywood Reporter called it a “not particularly notable also-ran.” Still, almost everyone else liked it.

The second part of season continues the adventures of teenager Mark Grayson as he faces up to the responsibilities of his family’s superhero past. Check out the trailer:

There are just four episodes in this second part, which will be released one per week starting on March 14.

No big shake-ups on this cast with this one. Stephen Yuen stars as Mark Greyson, J.K. Simmons is Nolan Grayson and Sandra Oh is Debbie Grayson. What a cast.

The show is based on a comic book series by Robert Kirkman, best known for writing The Walking Dead. While the show Invincible departs from the comics in a few areas, it does roughly follow them, and at the end of Part 1 of the TV show we were around 30 issues in, in terms of content.

Invincible’s comics run has 144 issues, not including side stories. There’s plenty more to adapt if this show becomes popular enough. A third season is already green-lit, but when it's due is not yet known.