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You need to check out these very cool, previously unseen locations from 'Game of Thrones'

There can never be enough GOT content

You need to check out these very cool, previously unseen locations from 'Game of Thrones'
06 December 2018

Game of Thrones, along with being a finely-acted, thrillingly-epic, generally awesome fantasy TV show, has some amazing locales and set designs.

Very Lord of the Rings in its aesthetic, the sweeping shots of King’s Landing, The Wall and the Dothraki Sea are basically the best on TV.

And now Game of Thrones superfans will get the chance to ogle at even more sumptuous locations thanks to a new exhibition put together by a team of 44 artists who previously worked on the HBO series.

The artists, who worked with George RR Martin’s blessing, have crafted magical worlds and imagined what some previously unseen Game of Thrones locations might look like.

The artworks will be available to view in full, for free, at an exhibition in Berlin from January 2019.

The Unseen Westeros team say on their website: “Over three years, 40 artists have created the unseen world of ‘Westeros’. Never before have so many Game of Thrones artists been involved in a production.

“The exhibition will exclusively show places from the world of ice and fire that have never been seen before.

“The artists of the exhibition have been involved in part in the development of the Game of Thrones world since Season 1. Their work has been awarded six Emmys.

“Here’s a whole new world for you. Look forward to immersing yourself in a world full of fascination, excitement and new stories.”

You can support the project via Kickstarter here

(Image: Unseen Westeros)