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This trick finally lets you post to Instagram from your desktop

We've wanted this for ages

This trick finally lets you post to Instagram from your desktop
Tom Victor
04 January 2018

If you’ve spent a lot of time using Instagram, you’ve probably been complaining about one major problem for a while.

Sure, the filters are great and the addition of Stories and the ability to add multiple photos at once have given you something new to do with your time.

But there’s still one thing people wish was possible, to the point that they’ve been pestering the social network about it for ages.

That’s right, people want to be able to post photos directly from their desktop.

If you take photos on a regular camera, rather than your phone, you’ll generally have to download the images back to your phone in order to post them on the Instagram app.

It might not be an issue for everyone – after all, a phone and a camera are one and the same for a lot of us – but for those affected, it’s a big deal.

Or it was a big deal. Because it now turns out there’s a way for you to get around the restrictions and post photos to Instagram directly from your desktop.

You’ll need to be using the Google Chrome browser, but once you’ve done that it’s pretty simple. First off, you’ll need to head over to on your browser and log in as normal.

Then you’ll need to press Ctrl+Shift+I, which will leave you with a bunch of text on the right of your screen as you enter developer mode.

Don’t be put off by that. Your next step is to hit Ctrl+Shift+M, or click the mobile icon next to the elements tab on the top right, to enter mobile mode…

Then refresh the page, and you’ll have the upload button as seen on the mobile app – and you can upload new images at your leisure.

If you’ve done everything right, once you close the developer box in the top right, your screen should end up looking something like this.

See that little ’+’ icon at the bottom? It works just as it would on mobile. You can even add filters, or rotate before uploading.

You’re welcome.

(Images: Glenn Carstens Peters/Instagram/Google Chrome)