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Police Rack Up Speaking Clock Charges

At the third stroke you will be ripped off

Police Rack Up Speaking Clock Charges
Danielle de Wolfe
19 January 2012

In these straitened economic times we’re all meant to have tightened the purse strings recently, avoided unnecessary costs and cut down on frivolous expense. All except the Metropolitan Police it would appear.

New figures released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal that Scotland Yard has spent an incredible £250,000 ($386,125) calling the speaking clock and directory enquiries in the last two years.

Last year, the Met spent nearly £17,000 ($26,256) in discovering the time by calling the premium rate line 55,000 times. The year before that figure was just shy of £18,500 ($28,573).

Even more bizarrely, last year it recorded £95,000 ($146,681) worth of calls to directory enquiries, whereas in 2010 it spent £121,501 ($187,611). Well, at least the amount of calls are coming down.

A spokesman for the Met defended the costs saying the calls were necessary for evidential and operational reasons.

(Image: Rex Features)