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Pizza Hut's pizza within a pizza

Pizza Hut's pizza within a pizza

Pizza Hut's pizza within a pizza

It's been a hectic year for the deranged food scientists working at Pizza Hut HQ.

On a worryingly frequent basis, they've been creating pizzas that defy logic and rationality. You can see evidence of this in "the one with the cheeseburgers in the crust" and even "the perfume that smells like a pizza".

But to end the year, and maybe the world, in style, they've now created the Inception pizza. Known as the Double Sensastion, the mind-blowing concoction features two rings of crust. The outside crust oozes with three cheeses and contains the first level of pizza which includes turkey ham, peppers, mushrooms and salsa.

We now move onto the inner pizza. This crust is disturbingly stuffed with "cheesy chicken sausage" and houses the inner ring which features smoked chicken and courgette.

The whole thing is topped off with a single cherry, which feels like some sort of deliberate display of utter mania.

It's available in Pizza Hut Singapore. So we're safe.