Philippe Starck's Futuristic Bicycle Helmets


Just when you thought it was safe to browse the internet without finding Philippe Starck has turned another design staple on its head, comes a revolutionary piece of design built for your head.

Less than 24hrs since unveiling a new range of all terrain electric bikes yesterday, the French designer has now released these oddly futuristic cycling helmets, citing his major influence as the world of motorcycling.

Which might well explain why the S+ARCKBIKE comes equipped with a visor, protecting wearers from ‘the cold and projectiles’ but seemingly not from finger pointing on a massive scale. What bemused onlookers won’t see, however, is that underneath its aluminium shell is cork liner - fully in keeping with safety regulations we might add, and part of Starck’s work with California-based outfit Giro.

And who knows, perhaps if things don’t work when it’s released later this year, its makers could re-brand the helmet as something else. We don't know of any professional baseball players who battle riots in their spare time, but, if you do, drop them a line.


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