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Percy Pig has been turned evil for Halloween

But he still tastes delicious

Percy Pig has been turned evil for Halloween

Before the impending rush of contrived Christmas specials, supermarkets have another couple of weeks to get their Halloween rebrands in order.

In between the rows and rows of multipacks of mini chocolate bars for trick-or-treaters, and just below the last-minute costume ideas, there are the ever-so-slightly-tweaked regular items to snack on while watching videos of ghosts.

We’ve seen Marks & Spencer turn Colin the Caterpillar into Count Colin, and now the chain has given a similar makeover to one of its other most famous sweet treats.

However, unlike the almost-frightening undead caterpillar, Percy Pig’s rebrand - while aiming for evil - is just adorable.

The chewy Percy Pumpkin sweets are Halloweeny luminous green or bright orange, rather than their usual pink, and – as you can probably tell from the name – are pumpkin-shaped rather than pig-shaped.

But it’s Percy Pig, and no one can get mad at that sweet little face.

It’s not like those baby-faced killers who are so innocuous they become terrifying, Percy just looks like a good lad.

In fact, we feel bad for eating the guy.

Percy Pumpkins are on sale already, and while they might not contain any actual pumpkin, they do contain real fruit juice.

Is there a moral quandary around turning a sweet little pig into an apple-flavoured foodstuff, as if to mock the ritual roasting of Percy’s cousins at farmers’ markets around the country? That’s not for us to say.

(Images: Marks and Spencer)