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M&S have officially killed Colin the Caterpillar


M&S have officially killed Colin the Caterpillar

Colin the Caterpillar died and was replaced by a lookalike: a conspiracy thread.

It might have been a while since you tucked into a delicious slice of caterpillar cake for the birthday of a young relative/colleague’s leaving do/random Wednesday, but that smiling white chocolate face doesn’t leave you.

If Marks & Spencer were to ever redesign Colin’s famous mug, you’re damn right we’d notice.

The broad concept of ‘scary shit’ is en vogue right now, what with the release of IT and the upcoming new season of Stranger Things, and your pal Colin is getting in on the act in a big way.

Dubbed ‘Count Colin’, the Halloween special will soon hit the shelves at Marks & Spencer stores.

Yes, he’s got fangs, and yes, he now has terrifying dead eyes and black antennae.

Oh, and the shop itself has confirmed he’s actually dead – that’s canon now, folks.

Remarkably, it’s not the first time M&S have branched out from their classic Colin design.

If you want to celebrate your wedding by pretending you’re still seven years old and getting a treat from mum and dad after a tough week at school, you can buy ‘Colin the Groom’ and/or ‘Connie the Bride’ matching wedding caterpillar cakes.

Yes, that’s an entirely normal thing now, apparently.

It looks like your pal Colin has got to work quickly since entering the afterlife, enlisting the help of what looks like a bunch of undead Percy Pigs.

Count Colin costs £7, and could be the perfect solution when it comes to scaring off trick-or-treaters come 31 October / finding something to binge-eat as you work your way through the entirety of Stranger Things 2.

(Images: Marks & Spencer)