People are playing the floor is lava again and it's sodding ace

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Carl Anka

The floor is lava. Get your feet off the ground.

Such a simple game. Such simple rules. Such simple, never-ending enjoyment.

Because time is a flat circle, the floor is lava game has made a comeback in recent weeks, with social media users posting up their hilarious attempts to avoid getting their feet burned.

There have been japes…


And all manner of shenanigans as people far and wide revive what might be one of the best damn games you can play in your living room.

Even members of the animal kingdom have been getting in on it.

And there have been some astounding group efforts too...

No one is safe…

Things get awkward...

People fall down...

And nothing is as heavy as it seems…

Maybe it’s all practice for when climate change ruins us all?


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