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Peep Show is getting a US remake

Mark & Jez are heading Stateside

Peep Show is getting a US remake

We have the feeling that Jez would absolutely love the idea of heading to America and all its razzamatazz, whereas Mark would be distinctly unthrilled with the prospect of hot weather, overfriendly people and things just generally being too big.

But that's what happening - sort of - as Peep Show is going to get a US remake. For those horrified at such a suggestion, fear not - the show's creators and writers Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong are going to be involved, in a consulting producer capacity. The main man, however, will be Eli Jorne, who will work as showrunner. He's previously worked on Blunt Talk and Wilfred, as well as Fox's upcoming Son of Zorn. The channel behind the project is Starz, which is owned by Sony Pictures Television.

Bain and Armstrong said in a statement:  “We are hugely relieved to hand over the responsibility of coming up with the dark and twisted thoughts of two terrible men to the extremely funny, dark and twisted Eli Jorne.”

This is actually the third time that a US version has been attempted - Fox tried in 2005, with this super awkward pilot starring Johnny Galecki later leaked, while in 2008, Bain and Armstrong wrote a script for Spike TV, but the project went no further.

So will it be The Office and turn out to be a huge success, or will it be one of the many British comedies which haven't translated to the States? If they can just find the US equivalent of Croydon, that would be a start. Finding an American Super Hans? Not so easy... the man is irreplaceable.


Still, with the show finished (for the time being) in the UK after its nine amazing series, we'll take any new material we're offered.