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David Mitchell and Robert Webb tease 'Peep Show' return

This sounds like the perfect way to bring it back

David Mitchell and Robert Webb tease 'Peep Show' return

Normally, when you see a headline like the one above you think, “Yeah, right, what [insert actor or writer’s name here] actually said is nothing like confirming a new series of something. What they’ve done is not rule it out, or tenuously say ‘never say never’ or made some tenuous reference to how they met [insert different but equally crucial actor’s name here] at a party the other week and said ‘Oh we really must do something together again soon’ not really meaning it but just to be polite. There is no actual return of [insert beloved show’s name here] at all, you’ve just used me for clicks.” Well, this is not one of those occasions. This is actually legit.

These quotes from David Mitchell and Robert Webb, in an interview with NME to promote their new Channel 4 show (which has been written by Peep Show writer Simon Blackwell) Back, actually do confirm that Peep Show will be back.

We might have to wait a while for it – and there’ll be a twist – but still, eggs is eggs.

Here are the quotes:

David Mitchell: “When it ended, Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong and Rob (Webb) and I agreed that we would be up for doing a return to those characters in 10 or more years time. I think it would be a different show. I think we would give it a different name but I’d certainly love to work with Sam and Jesse again and I think they would be interested to write those characters again but basically at the other end of their lives when they’re 50 odd or even older.”

Robert Webb added: “In its perfect form, it is over. I know that all four of us have said that we’re keeping the door on the latch for a return when Mark and Jeremy are much older and I mean seriously older otherwise it’s just a tired reboot.”

Fair play. We’re on board with that. Make it worth doing. Don’t just do something tired and predictable. Good.

But what you read above is that Mark Corrigan and Jeremy Usbourne – the El Dude brothers – will, at some unspecified time, but a time nonetheless, be back on our TV screens.


(Image: Channel 4)