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Here's how to get paid to go on holiday, and anyone can do it

Nobody likes paying for flights, so don't

Here's how to get paid to go on holiday, and anyone can do it
27 July 2017

The great thing about going on holiday is that, most of the time, you are getting paid to do it because of a little thing called “annual leave”. Your company is paying you a wage even though you are sunning yourself on a beach with a pina colada in hand, or skiing down a mountain, glühwein in hand (dangerous), or sprinting naked down the Magaluf strip, WKD in hand; and that is a great thing.

But wouldn’t it be even better if you got paid on top of that? Even more money? Your wage PLUS a side-line in cash? Yeah, actually, it would.

And you can, if you use Grabr.

Basically, you know how you can grab a new iPhone for much cheaper over in the US, but you don’t want to, or have the money to travel over there? Well, why not just get someone who’s travelling to the UK from overseas to bring one for you? Grabr connects you with people making the journey, and they can pick up whatever it is you want.

And here’s the money-making part: if you’re the person bringing over the iPhone, you’ll make commission, around 15-20% of the price of the product. So far – and the app is quite new – travellers have made a tidy $400,000 simply popping an extra phone in their bag while they go on holiday. Obviously, there’s no limit to how much you can bring over (aside from the size of your luggage), so go spare, you money-makers. Or alternatively, why not put the entire suitcase up for sale?

For that, you wanna be looking at Airmule, which matches passengers who have spare luggage allowances with companies that want to ship smaller items. It specialises in US to China flights, but you can basically list any flights you’ve got in your itinerary, and it’ll put you in contact with people wanting to courier “stuff” across those specific routes.

You can earn up to $150 per bag and you could even nab $600 for a round trip. Bit more than a side-line now, Mr Money Bags, isn’t it? So basically, there’s a very high chance that you could earn enough commission to make your flight completely free – all you need is a spare suitcase. Either way, that’s a lot of cocaine I mean iPhones, isn’t it?


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