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One Piece, one of Netflix's best shows, is getting a second season

Anime adaptation has been a huge success for Netflix

One Piece, one of Netflix's best shows, is getting a second season
Marc Chacksfield
15 September 2023

One of the best shows on Netflix right now is being renewed.

One Piece is a live-action anime and is has gained a good deal of critical acclaim and also broke viewing records for Netflix.

One Piece has been a Manga comic since 1997 - centring on the adventures of the rubber-limbed Monkey D. Luffy and his band of pirates - and it already had a huge audience, thanks to it being one of the most successful comic books of all time.
It was also previously made into a TV show, albeit an animated one, in 1999. That ran for five seasons.
Netflix's adaptation is live action and it's been both a critical and streaming success, hitting number one in the Netflix charts soon after it was released.

The news of the show being renewed was revealed on the Netflix Geeked X/Twitter account.

Netflix has tried a number of times to make a success out of anime. The most recent was Cowboy Bepop. Despite big production values, the show wasn't a success like One Piece and was unfortunately cancelled after one season.

Another Manga, Death Note, was made into a Netflix film - it wasn't a critical success but did well for the streaming site. The might of Stranger Things' Duffer Brothers are looking to adapt the comic book into a TV show.

According to Variety, scripts for the second season were already written - so there was definitely hope that One Piece would move beyond its first season. Given how Netflix is, this is always a gamble.

It is thought that there will be a wait for the second season of One Piece, with Variety noting it could be somewhere between a year and 18 months before we see it.

Plenty of time to catch up on the show, then, if you haven't watched it yet.