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One of the most requested Netflix features is finally available to all

Netflix allows you to streamline your service.

One of the most requested Netflix features is finally available to all
Marc Chacksfield
03 February 2022

Netflix may be the biggest streaming service in the world but that doesn't mean that it makes decisions quickly. Given that there are billions at stake, its every move is monitored by those pesky shareholders but its latest feature should have everyone using the service jumping for joy.

Netflix has finally added a button that allows you to curate your Continue Watching list, which means that if there are any films or shows on that list that you don't want on there, you can simply cross them off and they will disappear.

Before this small but very significant change there was a way to fix your list but it was very convoluted. You had to go into settings and tweak your viewing history. Here you could 'hide' particular bits of content or get rid of all your viewing history all together.

Continue watching?

The cacophony of content on Netflix means that its viewers are kids in the sweet shop, picking and choosing myriad delights to sample. As there is so much on offer, it's likely that you try a show and 10 minutes later decide that it's not for you - or if it's The Kissing Booth two minutes would do it.

If you want to amend your Continue Watching section, then just click on the show or movie you no longer want to watch and head to the big cross that allows you 'to remove from row'.

This change is part of a long list of tweaks Netflix has been making to its service, including the way it measures how people watch things - this is now down by hours consumed. It has also added gaming into the mix, with the hope that will keep you in the Netflix browser for longer.

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