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One of Netflix's best sci-fi shows is coming to an end - and there's a trailer to prove it

At least this one is going out on its own terms...

One of Netflix's best sci-fi shows is coming to an end - and there's a trailer to prove it

One of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix is nearing its end, with the final 10 episodes dropping on Netflix on 2 June.

Manifest has been a big success for Netflix, albeit a show that hasn't been without its cancellation woes. Going on a similar journey as The Expanse - another sci-fi show that was revived by a streaming service, in its case Prime Video - Manifest lasted for three seasons on NBC then made the switch to Netflix.

After Netflix got wind that the show was being canceled, it decided to revive the show for a fourth and final season.

The end is near for one of Netflix's best sci-fi shows - and there's a trailer to prove it
Image Credit: Netflix

As has become the norm for big shows on Netflix, the final season was split into two. Manifest: S4 - Part One aired in November 2022, and now S4 - Part 2 is set to drop 2 June.

To celebrate. Netflix has launched a trailer which should only be watched if you are caught up with the rest of the show.

Manifest is about the reappearance of a flight full of passengers, presumed missing some five years before. The key is here is: those on board only thought they had gone through some severe turbulence and now have to try and slot back into society.

Couple this with apparent visions of the future and other strange goings-on and what you have is an epic show in the Lost mould.

And, those who have seen both shows, will know that Manifest is very much influenced by Lost in the fourth season.