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Oi Polloi's new collab with Edwin is a slice of summer goodness

Delicious gelato vibes

Oi Polloi's new collab with Edwin is a slice of summer goodness
24 May 2017

Manchester's Coolest Shop Oi Polloi has joined forces with good-clothes brothers-in-arms Edwin – purveyor of fine jeans splashed with a nerd name – to create a summer gelato vibes, influences by Italy and the Paninari. 

The Paninari – and you obviously already knew this, being that you’re so smart and everything – were the gangs of stylish kids who used to hang about Italian sandwich shops in pastel and trackies, and ended up influencing the entire North West Is Best style of dress, and also the early, influential football casual scene. 

Okay, back to the clobber: The drop features ED-OP Coach Jackets in a relaxed cut (because it's summer, mate) and decked in washed-out twill with an teeny tiny elastane touch to make it extra wearable, vibrant caps, and chinos, all in the classic gelato colours of vanilla, mint green, strawberry, and… uh, blue! 

Steve Sanderson, co-founder of Oi Polloi, said: “We were thinking about ice creams and pastel Italian flags. They’re nice colours, great for summer. In the mid-eighties pastel colours were massive. I remember brands like Lacoste, Marc O'Polo, Ralph Lauren, and then there was the whole Paninaro thing.”

Nigel Lawson, the other co-founder, adding: “When everyone is walking around in black clothes, you want something different. One reason would be acid house, then there’s Perry boys, and then there’s the Lacoste polo thing… I’ve always just liked colours.” (You can read the whole thing here)

We are ready to embrace colour once more this summer.

The Edwin x Oi Polloi collection is available to buy online now