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Oh wow, you need to watch Arsenal Fan TV's new music video

They're turned their hand to rap battles, and it's everything you'd hope for

Oh wow, you need to watch Arsenal Fan TV's new music video

We should definitely begin by highlighting that this for charity, with proceeds going to Macmillan Cancer Support, which is obviously a very good thing. 

OK, Arsenal Fan TV – that YouTube channel that traditionally begins to feature in your Saturday evening viewing from about January onwards each season – has put out a music video.

In “CLASH OF THE SEASON!!!” (caps lock button working just fine, don’t worry) it’s DT vs the “Boominator” Heavy D, two of the channel’s most recognisable faces having it out on stage. 

Also featuring are MC Harry Shotta and Troopz, who set the scene before the battle. In what could be a not-so-thinly-veiled dig at Arsenal Fan TV critic Gary Neville, Shotta raps early on, “Man wanna chat about different opinions, these man got views by the millions, the voice of the fans, not pundits who get paid to lounge on the coach and spout their own views.”  

Heavy D, a staunch defender of Arsene Wenger, wastes no time in going in on “Mr Controversy” DT: “Instead of making all these banners, you need to show the boss some manners.” DT’s straight back at him though, producing what could be the best diss of the whole song: “Coming at me like you’ve got some following, you’re not Heavy D, your real name’s Colin.” 

The verdict from Robbie, the channel’s grand overseer? Pure fire. 

We’ll let you decide if he’s on the money with that assessment.