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"Ohhh Jeremy Corbyn!" chant breaks out at Glastonbury silent disco

He's the hottest act of the summer

"Ohhh Jeremy Corbyn!" chant breaks out at Glastonbury silent disco

Time to work out what’s weirder, a tent full of Glastonbury revellers dancing in silence, or that same tent cheering the name of a politician. 

Well you don’t need to wonder any more, as the silent disco at the festival went from one to the other in no time as hundreds (if not thousands) joined in a chant of ‘Ohhhh Jeremy Corbyn!’ when the White Stripes’ ‘Seven Nation Army’ was pumped into their headphones. 

Corbyn himself will appear at the festival’s Pyramid Stage, introducing Run the Jewels ahead of their Saturday afternoon set, and we can expect a much bigger, much louder version of this.

While the idea of a Corbyn chant breaking out at a festival is nothing new, there’s something surreal about it happening at a silent disco.

We can only assume it was a spontaneous reaction to Caitlin Moran’s tweet about the chant spreading like wildfire across the humid Somerset farm (SPOILER: it’s sung by football, darts and wrestling fans to the tune of ‘Seven Nation Army’, and has been for some time now).

We can’t wait for the next football chant remade for the leader of the opposition to meander through festival crowds like this summer’s Will Grigg’s on Fire.

All together now:

“Jezza Corbyn’s magic / He wears a magic hat / And when he saw 10 Downing Street he said I’m having that”. 

Hey, we’ve got to find some way to occupy ourselves in a summer without a major football tournament.

(Images: Rex)