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13 Abe's Oddysee memories that will make you L2 + Circle

13 Abe's Oddysee memories that will make you L2 + Circle

13 Abe's Oddysee memories that will make you L2 + Circle
12 July 2016

Rarely has a quest, real (the Battle of Hastings) or imagined (throwing the ring back into the fires of Mt. Doom from whence it came) been as honourable, worthy, and true as that of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee

Abe - a poor, weird-looking, floor-cleaning schmuck - is the lone hero of the Mudokons and he (that is, you) must save as many of your fellow kind as possible before RuptureFarms turns them into pops. If that terrifying premise didn't make you immediately flick off your PS1 and go play with your Moon Shoes, then hours of fun awaited you.

Here are just some of the many things that inevitably went down. 

Amusing yourself for twenty minutes by farting repeatedly

In the game... mostly. 

Realising you could make your farts green with the classic combination of R1, Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, X

The £3 your mam dropped on the Playstation magazine was so worth it. 

Imitating Abe's creepy "follow me" at every IRL opportunity

Hello! Hello! Follow me. Okay? 

Secretly wondering if they had to Go There with the mouth-sewn-shut thing

Is that a ponytail or... you know what, never mind. 

Finding out Molluck the Glukkon's secret ingredients and genuinely feeling a bit unwell

Biggest twist of 1997. 

Getting seriously sassed by the loading screen

10/10 would load again. 

Kind of wishing you could've spent more of the game as a floor cleaner

No one can deny it looked hella fun. 

Having to restart a level (again, and again) because the checkpoint system was designed by the devil

Forget Aesop's Fables, mum, this is how we really learnt patience. 

Squinting at the screen because being in the figurative and literal dark came as a pair

50 per cent of the game was just guessing. 

Chanting. Loads

Bonus points if you did it on the playground. 

Generally being one with Abe on all levels

Right down to the turtle-y features. 

Living your best life as a three-fingered badass

Minus the whole slavery thing, we'd totally live in Oddworld. 

Finishing the whole game just to die because you didn't save enough Mudokons

Still mad.