Girl takes photo of herself cleaning Trump's Hollywood star, accidentally creates huge anti-Trump meme

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Gary Ogden

You have to be careful what you do on the internet. Like, I don’t know, you accidentally tweeted that Transformers was your favourite movie, or you sent a picture of your penis with a face drawn on it to all your Snapchat followers instead of just your guidance counsellor. There are repercussions, if you do silly things on the internet, because people pick up what you’ve done and run with it.

Then a meme forms. A bastard child of the internet – a mutant, rapidly reproducing creature that thankfully, often has a brief life cycle. Still, it gets a lot done in its short tenure, and it’s enough to be wonderfully embarrassing.

So, to today’s meme, and your soon-to-be favourite one. And it all started because a lady over in America tweeted this:

I mean, yes, he is the President, and he was voted in, but apparently, a lot of people don’t like him? He does silly things on the internet, too, you see, so you know if you tweet a picture like this, there’s going to be a nice slab of backlash.

The photo shows her cleaning Trump’s defaced Hollywood star, as she has “Nothing but respect for MY President”. Little did she know that she meme she accidentally birthed would show precisely zero respect for The Orange One (but would be very, very funny):

As always, well done internet, I’m proud of you, good work, pat on the back, gold star, have the rest of the day off, stamp of approval, extra privileges, top marks, you’re a good egg, a damn good egg.

And can we make Danny DeVito President for real? Please?

(Image: @makenna_mg)


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