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No Nazi References Allowed In WW2 Play

English Heritage attempts to rewrite history

No Nazi References Allowed In WW2 Play
Danielle de Wolfe
27 October 2011

It’s not often that all shades of the political spectrum are in unison, but we reckon we might have found a cause all right-thinking folk can agree upon.

It concerns the playwright Rod Tinson, who has been forced to abandon plans to stage a Halloween play at Pendennis Castle in Cornwall (pictured above), because English Heritage have objected to his script including references to Jews, Nazis and Poland.

Fair enough? Well no, because Tinson’s play was to have been a recreation of the Castle’s rich history, which included a prominent role in the defence of England’s coastline during the Second World War.

An email received by Tinson from Charlie Fear of English Heritage asked for Tinson to remove these references - plus any allusion to sex and swearwords (including 'bloody') - for fear of offending theatregoers, even though the play was to form part of the Castle’s ‘Adults Only’ programme.

Tinson has accused English Heritage of trying Disneyfy history. Which we don’t think means adding Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to the script, but we get his point.

(Image: Rex Features)