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Nike's New Zoom Hypercross

Nike's New Zoom Hypercross

Nike's New Zoom Hypercross
17 September 2014

We're big fans of reissued trainers here at Like the welcome return of an old friend with a new haircut, their arrival evokes fond memories and the promise of new experiences - that, and they smell amazing. But after a summer of reunions and names we've struggled to remember, we could do with a few new faces around the place. Which makes the arrival of Nike's latest shoe all the more welcome.

This luminous beauty is the Nike Zoom Hypercross, a cross training shoe that incorporates the American brand's smartest air cushioning system: when your foot hits the ground, tightly stretched tensile fibres woven inside a pressurized sole unit release their tension and "snap" back to their original state, giving you a responsive bounce.

The hexagonal grid of fibres was chosen by Nike's designers to aid mapping this cushioning to the shape of your foot - in contrast to usual cushioning layers that support the heel, this cross training shoe maximises protection for the forefoot, aimed at athletes who spend more time pivoting and exploding during intense training exercises (that's you, CrossFit junkies).

Arriving in this bold 'Volt' colourway on 10 October on, we'll be interested to see if these fancy shapes will make any difference to our training regime. We're almost tempted to renew our gym membership. Almost.

(Images: Nike)