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Nike's breezy Woven Air Max 1

Nike's breezy Woven Air Max 1

Nike's breezy Woven Air Max 1

Woven footwear isn't going anywhere. 

Which, despite the obvious "Look, a totally new shoe!" novelty credentials, is actually a good thing.

Just take Nike's new offering. While most woven footwear uses strong, lightweight woven fabric for sporting or running builds, the new Air Max 1 uses a "weave" for purely aesthetic reasons. 

A captivating leather weave finds its way onto the Woven Pack's heel and toe, contrasting with the soft panels of the Air Max 1's build.

Available in a soft tan ("Pale Shale") or dark blue ("Navy"), the Air Max 1 weave pack is set to arrive in Nike stockists later this month. 

Best not go running through puddles if you want to keep your feet dry. But then, what kind of monster gets their Air Max 1's wet on purpose?